Road to Survival 

You promise daylight, 

But you bring along darkness as well. 

How am I to trust you? 

When you clearly are not willing to help. 

All I asked, was a day off, 

And all I get is the same old wrath,

You conniving brat! 

Why would you give me false hope? 

When, all that only leads me back to the rope. 

The same rope, I once used to end me.. 

I don’t get it, what is it that you want me to see? 

Are you tricking me into facing my fear? 

If so, now I’m clear.

Would you please just let go!


Courage requires wings

She is ready to fight the system, 

Without caring about the unforeseen repercussions. 

She thinks everything will change for better, 

If she just takes that no-entry lane. 

But the thing that bothers her most is,  

She’ll be hurting those whom she loves, along the way. 

It’s not what her heart permits of, 

But it needs to be done anyway. 

To muster that courage, she is in a lookout, 

For something more than encouragement, 

A sign, maybe, that whatever she is going to undertake, 

Is backed up by somebody out there. 

All this, isn’t to hurt anybody, 

But she is not going to think twice, 

When her happiness itself is at jeopardy. 

The island of gods- BALI

She deserves every attention, 

Her intricate beauty could ask for. 

It’s the amalgamation of temples and beaches, 

That makes her far beyond reach. 

The ochre sunsets, 

You get to feel, 

Will blow your mind selectively. 

Those who look inside her, 

Finds everlasting peace. 

There is something for everyone, 

In this land of thousand temples. 

Only if your heart is open, 

You can see, 

What a beauty she is from far far within!

Bitterness of life.. 

Every breath exhaled, spelled out her name. 

Every move made, incorporated her. 

Every experience, spoke about her. 

Every thought, described her. 

Every moment, reminded of her. 

Every childhood memory was associated with her. 

He, himself was so much like her. 

She was a mom, a friend, a guide..

That he wished every single day was still alive. 


He was among those who expressed hatred more fluently than he did love, 

That’s what he knew, that’s what he had seen growing up, 

But that wasn’t what he wanted her to see him as… 

He knew he was more than just angry fists and lashing tongue. 

There was the power of love ready to heal him,

But he being unaware, gave up. 

And one day out of nowhere she said,  Hii.. 

His deeply rooted wounds hidden under the facade of arrogance, 

Was just a pretense to dodge the pain, she exclaimed. 

And there it was, his first touch of love. 


A person so down to earth who is ready to forgive you no matter how big the crime, that kind of story moves me. Though we have all heard the phrase forgive and forget, it isn’t easy to implement it in real life. I’m not much of a forgiving person I would rather forget and move on than open up a whole box of worms. 

I know a handful who are finding it difficult to step forward in life simply because it is not easy and the ones who have accomplished to let go what has been holding them down for years, that change in them being inevitable makes me want to be there as well. 

Such people inspire me to be better not because it proves anything but simply because it makes the world a better place. Our world is in desperate need of genuine people who are ready to be vulnerable yet strong at the same time. I don’t think I have it in me to forgive someone that easily but I’m highly inspired and I’m looking forward to make amends and set things right. 

One thing is for sure it is not an easy road to take but it is most definitely the right one. Someone is going to be hurt, but instead of carrying it on your back, wishing things would change for you, let it go. Do it for yourself if not for anyone else, and it will be a start to something much more valuable. 

An aching heart 

Sometimes there is just chaos within ourselves and an aching heart that desires great things but settles for less.

An aching heart that has forgotten the essence of letting out and stumbling with what to let in. 

An aching heart that wants  to simply pass through the struggles of never ending miseries. 

An aching heart that wants to be free from blame, free from expectations, free from society, and free of any baggage that is weighing it down. 

An aching heart that is doing what it’s asked to, simply to avoid confrontation. 

An aching heart that knows it doesn’t belong no matter how hard it tries to fit in.   

An aching heart that wants to be appreciated so as to stay motivated.

An aching heart that wants to roar from the top of the mountain until everything inside is out and free.