An aching heart 

Sometimes there is just chaos within ourselves and an aching heart that desires great things but settles for less.

An aching heart that has forgotten the essence of letting out and stumbling with what to let in. 

An aching heart that wants  to simply pass through the struggles of never ending miseries. 

An aching heart that wants to be free from blame, free from expectations, free from society, and free of any baggage that is weighing it down. 

An aching heart that is doing what it’s asked to, simply to avoid confrontation. 

An aching heart that knows it doesn’t belong no matter how hard it tries to fit in.   

An aching heart that wants to be appreciated so as to stay motivated.

An aching heart that wants to roar from the top of the mountain until everything inside is out and free. 


The Queen of hill stations 

The most fascinating thing about the hills is the road that leads you there, the hair-pin bends that seems never-ending, the view that makes you stop the engine at regular cries of “aww that is spectacular”, the cold wind that slaps your face waking you to the refreshingly crisp climate. The tea plantations being ubiquitous makes you want to have the finest tea you’ve heard so much about. The monkeys keep you distracted throughout the way and most importantly it feels like breathing fresh air, which to me, is being home.

Waking up to the vivid colours of the sunrise, which makes everything shine tad brighter, while the night seems like the perfect scenario for a couple in love-under the panoply of stars, light breeze, romantic music playing in the background, and a moonlit dance, perfect. Clothes that await seasons to be seen, otherwise there is always a jacket to keep warm. Though encountered just few months, it is most definitely my favourite time of the year. During winter, weather conditions are harsh, it simply is pouring cats and dogs with occasional thunder and lighting. Fireplaces are lit up, that’s when you want to have a hot cup of tea with family and friends.

It’s a destination for hikers, mountaineers, nature lovers, romantics. You’ll get to see a lot of bicyclers cycling their way up with an absolute zeal. That is a sight I’m fond of and the other thing that reminds me of the crazy times I had is, while trekking in the dense forest. The adventurous paths taken while trekking leads to destinations unknown which is quite intriguing. It refreshes the mind and helps connect to the nature in ways unknown. 

Want to get-away from it all? Well, here is where you need to be. Enclosed by the luscious greenery, eco-friendly forests, plastic free environment, you unconsciously tune in to the tranquil mode. The gardens, lakes, waterfalls add luxury to the already existing beauty. Wouldn’t mind looking at the marvellous creation all day long without a tinge of boredom. It is so naturally beautiful and unique, and leaves an impression so good that those visiting will definitely feel the urge to come back again.


Bengaluru mob molestation

Time and again, women are accused for the atrocities committed by men. Narrow minded minister says, the one at fault are the women who adopts western culture and behaves like a westerner, and also goes about telling that women must only step out with their husband or with the company of their brother. Some say women provoke to be raped, as they wear clothes that are inappropriate and that in turn calls for attention. 

When will we stop blaming women, who are the actual victims and start dealing with the real issue. Is it fair that the victims character is questioned? Was it the way she was dressed or that she was a party person the reason for her rape? Is all this even relevant to the pain undergone by them? Some have got so used to blaming women that they don’t know otherwise.

A girl child who is not even five years old, a married woman, an old lady did they provoke to be raped too?

How will our country evolve when respecting a woman is so hard. Women are being molested and groped by debauched pervert men, and no onlooker or policemen comes even close to stopping this heinous act. Nobody was stopped by force or by the law, whom should the women go to if in trouble when the police itself is making no efforts to keep us safe?

No action has been taken against those unruly men but there is a nation wide discussion about a woman’s dignity. I say the dignity of this country should be questioned for not taking a firm step against the ones who are actually at fault.

A city such as Bengaluru, which is considered to be the safest and non-judgemental city is put in the spotlight, I don’t think anyone can be safe anywhere now. As long as the government ensures us that there will be justice, men like them will continue to undermine our nation’s pride.

My perfect day! 

Since I wanted to make the best use of the day, I woke up at six in the morning just in time to see the sun rise from its horizon, spreading warmth and happiness. I couldn’t have gotten a better accommodation, it had its infrastructure island customized- bright blue sofas, golden rugs, the best part were the shells tied together hung in the entrance which sounded different but comforting when the wind blew, the highlight for me was the water bed, the french windows gave it a contemporary twist and the door directly opened to a vast beach whose ends couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

I started the day by having a quick shower, then made an attempt at selecting the perfect beach wear from my wardrobe which took forever, a wayfarer that went along with the outfit as it was a scorcher. I slowly headed towards the beach, my bare foot sinking in the sand as I took short strides towards the ocean. My skin glistened due to the rays from the sun while my hair swayed from left to right as it tried capturing the wind gushing through it.

The scintillating turquoise-green ocean welcomed me all the way to taste its finesse and so I decided to take a dip enjoying what it had to offer. About an hour later, famished as I was, I ate in the closest shaft available which had their best sandwiches that made me want more. After having a delightfully gob smashing breakfast I went to one of the lounges, what is more relaxing than reclining in the sun, listening to the waves.

Two hours had passed by, it had been two stress free hours of my life. First time I had no gadgets to distract, it was just me surrounded by this scenario so pretty. As a souvenir I started collecting shells and unique stones, made sand castles, basically the child in me had erupted and I loved the feeling of being carefree. Never did I want to forget this day, this is how it felt experiencing happiness in its truest form.

That place was a dreamers paradise. I returned to my room since it was getting hot in an unpleasant way, took out my diary and started penning down my most beautiful experience. 

When the sun had finally set, i walked towards the end of the beach where there was a tattoo artist tattoing a bird on one of his clients and i instantly decided that i would get one too, one that would remind me of this place. On my right hand pinkie, I got a small shell done. Not only did it make me happy, I felt a sense of calmness too. Later that night it got cold, there were fireplaces lit up in the beach and there I was acquainted to an old lady living just next door who was surprisingly very cordial and came over instantly. 

She wasn’t like anyone I had ever met before. She had a rather pleasant demeanor for a lady of her age. I felt so comfortable around her or was it her charming personality, I know not, but it made me spell out my entire life history and she listened to each word with compassion and shared her wisdom which wasn’t anything like the long boring lectures. I truly enjoyed her company. She returned back to her room next door to her loving husband and I crashed the water bed content that it was the perfect end to my perfect day. 

Pursue your dreams.

Our life-changing decisions are impacted by many factors and one of those is parental pressure. Parents being who they are feel responsible for the way our future might turn out so they take measures to change our mind, in the end make us do what they want us to do. There is a small part in all of us which craves for approval and love from our parents and so when they sway us from our actual path we think maybe it’s for the best.

In the near future you will realize that what you gave up was nothing but yourself. You are in this space you cannot undo and you continue regretting for being a part of something that isn’t you. Every second of every passing day you wish you never existed. Successful or not either way you are going to feel incomplete. You will always want to know what it would have been like if you had followed your unapproved dreams. It’s like locking your dreams in your own headspace and have left there forever to rot. Though we all want to do good for our parents and earn their respect, this will definitely get them what they want but in the long run you’ll fall short and when reality checks in, it will remind you that you get only one shot at life, that’s when panic strikes.

We got to admit, it’s easier to feel guilty and stifle our tears than to confront our parents and let all demons loose. At the end we all know who wins the conversation even though we may have very well proved our point. It’s always about them and the emotions related to the decisions taken for us.

They want engineers and doctors, maybe because it’s highly reputed and not to forget the two well paid professions of our country. Sometimes it happens that the entire family is in a particular field and they don’t want their kid to lag behind and they give it their all, cajoling them to pursue their footsteps. Nobody cares or wants to know what the kid desires. They have lived their life and now are living our life for us too.

Finally when you are in your death bed you cannot help but curse how your life has passed with the blink of an eye and you still have so much you want to accomplish but unfortunately there is nothing much that can be done. Fleeting time makes you wonder if all the decisions you had made throughout was yours but most importantly if it made you happy and if it didn’t, you are going to be as melancholic as ever and sadly before your soul gives up living, you definitely will. 

Wake up now and don’t commit to someone else’s dream for you, build your own even if it has to be done from scratch. This moment is all you have, so make mistakes, it’s obvious we are going to fall off the lane, everybody falls, it is better to rise as many a times we fall than to never make mistakes which takes away the opportunity to learn and to grow. Ask your heart what it desires, pursue it wholeheartedly and you’ll never be wrong.


Isn’t it appaling how most women are treated in our patriarchal society even today? Some learn to cope with it and some for the name of peace let things happen the way it does while others being rebels fight and when they do they are called unruly and their behavior is portrayed as not lady-like.

Alot of people I know, tell me this is what women were meant to do, what they imply is a woman’s purpose in life is to get married, please the husband, wear clothes that are appropriate to the eye of the society, just so they fit in and are approved. Has anyone noticed that we women are always questioned about our morality, decision-making skills but as a matter of fact are never heard? It is interesting how they take advantage of our sexuality and think they own us. Though conspicuous nobody not even women wants to bring this subject up, it’s more like a taboo talking about equal rights.

The reason why we take men to be the boss of the house is because a majority of women are financially dependant on them and so we fear them rather than respect them and thereby lose our self-confidence which makes us all the more vulnerable.

Women out there need to know that we were not created to be a puppet and nobody gives anybody the right to dominate us. A showpiece showcased to increase the value of the place, is that what we are? I strongly disagree, we are very much human with fortified emotions which needs love and care, yes we break into tiny pieces every time our dreams are crushed and when we are not understood but be assured, we will rise and our capable of fixing ourselves.

Parents reading this need to teach their daughter’s to be bold, independent and provide her with the education she has the right to, so that she is prepared in advance to face any future, knowing that she has the support she needs to take any step she thinks fit.

Let’s remember to keep our head high and never settle because life is too short to live for someone else’s happiness. At the end of the day we give up so much of ourselves catering to others whim that nobody realizes or cares about ours. It’s time we put our foot down, vocalize whats right and wrong  and get treated the way we deserve. Shatter all the stereotypical beliefs they hold so firm and stop at nothing. Let not anyone belittle you, raise your voice and show everyone that your not scared because she is a woman. Make womanhood your strength!