The Queen of hill stations 

The most fascinating thing about the hills is the road that leads you there, the hair-pin bends that seems never-ending, the view that makes you stop the engine at regular cries of “aww that is spectacular”, the cold wind that slaps your face waking you to the refreshingly crisp climate. The tea plantations being ubiquitous makes you want to have the finest tea you’ve heard so much about. The monkeys keep you distracted throughout the way and most importantly it feels like breathing fresh air, which to me, is being home.

Waking up to the vivid colours of the sunrise, which makes everything shine tad brighter, while the night seems like the perfect scenario for a couple in love-under the panoply of stars, light breeze playing in the background, and a moonlit dance, perfect. Clothes that await seasons to be seen, otherwise there is always a jacket to keep warm. Though encountered just few months, it is most definitely my favourite time of the year. During winter, weather conditions are harsh, it simply is pouring cats and dogs with occasional thunder and lighting. Fireplaces are lit up, that’s when you want to have a hot cup of tea with family and friends.

It’s a destination for hikers, nature lovers, romantics. You’ll get to see a lot of bicyclers cycling their way up with an absolute zeal. That is a sight I’m fond of and the other thing that reminds me of the crazy times I had is, while trekking in the dense forest. The adventurous paths taken while trekking leads to destinations unknown which is quite intriguing. It refreshes the mind and helps connect to the nature in ways unknown. 

Want to get-away from it all? Well, here is where you need to be. Enclosed by the luscious greenery, eco-friendly forests, plastic free environment, you unconsciously tune in to the tranquil mode. The gardens, lakes, waterfalls add luxury to the already existing beauty. Wouldn’t mind looking at the marvellous creation all day long without a tinge of boredom. It is so naturally beautiful and unique, and leaves an impression so good that those visiting will definitely feel the urge to come back again.




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