Bengaluru mob molestation

Time and again, women are accused for the atrocities committed by men. Narrow minded minister says, the one at fault are the women who adopts western culture and behaves like a westerner, and also goes about telling that women must only step out with their husband or with the company of their brother. Some say women provoke to be raped, as they wear clothes that are inappropriate and that in turn calls for attention. 

When will we stop blaming women, who are the actual victims and start dealing with the real issue. Is it fair that the victims character is questioned? Was it the way she was dressed or that she was a party person the reason for her rape? Is all this even relevant to the pain undergone by them? Some have got so used to blaming women that they don’t know otherwise.

A girl child who is not even five years old, a married woman, an old lady did they provoke to be raped too?

How will our country evolve when respecting a woman is so hard. Women are being molested and groped by debauched pervert men, and no onlooker or policemen comes even close to stopping this heinous act. Nobody was stopped by force or by the law, whom should the women go to if in trouble when the police itself is making no efforts to keep us safe?

No action has been taken against those unruly men but there is a nation wide discussion about a woman’s dignity. I say the dignity of this country should be questioned for not taking a firm step against the ones who are actually at fault.

A city such as Bengaluru, which is considered to be the safest and non-judgemental city is put in the spotlight, I don’t think anyone can be safe anywhere now. As long as the government ensures us that there will be justice, men like them will continue to undermine our nation’s pride.



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